Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hi there!

I'm really not a good blogger, but here some of what I've done since last time

I've made two pairs of socks. One for my grandmother and one for myself.
This is the pair for my grandmother:

I don't have a picture of my pair. And I seriously don't know where they are. I mean, I washed them and dried them and now they are gone. I'll have to get back to you on that.

I got a new phone just after Christmas. Well, I got a phone in exchange for a lot of money. And the thing with phones today are that they are made up of one big screen, so I'm really an idiot just for buying it. But, I did, so I had to make something to protect it from the keys in my pockets. The solution was a phone cozy:

I love the little rabbit button! I made the "pattern" myself too.

As I was doing the phone cozy, I got inspired to do some appliques, and I found this cute giraffe pattern. I don't know Japanese. But the pattern diagram should be international. I think I spent the whole day trying to figure out where to start the whole thing. But then I finally got it! And .. voila..? A giraffe.

(I'm not to happy, but hey, I did it.)

I also found this incredibly cute crown pattern from the same designer, and this I'm a little more happy with:

I also tried my luck at tatting. But I failed. I think I need some serious tutoring before I can turn out something worth showing you.

Yes, It's a sock. It has rice in it. It's my home made heat pack. I'm thinking I'll crochet something to hide the fact that it is a sock with rice in it, but since I made it for my stiff neck, it'll have to wait.

I also have some work in progresses to, but I'll post them later!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Guess what!

I finished it!

I only had one round to go, so I finished it yesterday. Finally! I also ironed it, this time without spilling boiling water on my foot. I still hate picots though. One thing that sort of amazes me, is that I have a dog that is mostly black. So I thought that making a black doily would be a good thing, so that the hairs would not be as visible. But no. Some how, my Zelda thinks that shedding the black hairs is unnecessary, the white hairs however... I have no idea how I'm gonna get them off and out of this doily. I swear, I really tried to keep her and the hairs away, but still. Argh, all the hair. The doily measures 57 cm in diameter.(For comparison, the white one from earlier is 29 cm in diameter.) Still pretty happy about the final results, though!

Also, this is the other finished project I told you about earlier:
It is my first filet project. I know nothing about fileting, just the "idea" of it. And I did not follow any pattern. Well, I sort of did, but I drew the chart myself. I had to iron it, for the letters to be visible enough to read. Also, as you can see, the edges is sort of uneven. I guess I'll have to try some more filet, before I can tell you why it turned out this way. Anyways, for those of you not Norwegian, it says "Worlds greatest dad <3" My dad seemed happy, even though the uneven edges. Actually, he sort of lit up. I was going through my blog earlier, and I discovered, that I hadn't shown you my favorite doily. My first ever doily made in thread. I only had pictures of it together with the large version.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three finishes in one day!

Today I've finished three projects! First I finished my first ever pair of crocheted socks: I don't know if I'll keep them myself or give then away yet, but here they are:
The photo does not give the colors justice!

Also, I finished a doily called Blue Pineapples. In white thread, ironically.I don't know what I'll do with it, maybe I'll sell it, if someone wants to buy it.

It is by no means perfect. It was sort of a training doily. I really need to learn to make consistent picots. The last round of doilies are usually where I "give up." They just seem to never end for me, so I get bored. This is the reason I still haven't finished my beautiful black pineapple doily.

By the way; I actually ironed the doily and the filet project, and while I did so I managed to pour boiling water from the iron onto my foot. It hurt...

The last item I finished was my first filet-project, but, I'm giving it away tomorrow, so I can't post it yet, in case the receiver is reading my blog.

Recently I've done several smaller projects, that I'll post later(I'm not home at the moment) But I do have one picture of one of them. A bath rug made out of plastic bags, and rubber bands.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Working with alternative materials

I've already told you about my old t-shirt rug. This is how far I've gotten on that project:
Sadly, the project has reached a halt, because there is no flea markets in Oslo during the summer. And it is okay, really, because when it is this hot, you don't really need a rug anyways, do you? It feels really good under foot though, can't wait 'till it's done.

This is my second project of alternative materials:

A small basket made of silver copper thread (a bit contradictory, I know). The pattern is the traditional granny square, with "even" rounds to make it stand up. I know I told you how I had to learn to hold the hook differently when working on the rug. Well, this one was even harder to do. No technique I've ever seen used would do the trick. It was hard, having to constantly change grip, and even the hook took some damage; some of the paint got scraped off. But, hey, the result isn't to bad, is it? (I haven't finished it off yet, because I'm not entirely sure how to. And I've been to lazy to find out.)

Third and last  of my alternative materials projects is a grocery bag net. Made out of plastic grocery bags. I'm not done with it yet, though. I ran out of plastic bags, because I'm to environmentally friendly always bringing fabric shopping nets. But anyways. I got the inspiration to do this by combining this pattern, with a tutorial I saw about making plarn.(Plastic yarn) 

As you can see the original idea is to use VHS tape for the net. But I don't think I have the heart to destroy a video cassette. I didn't have one handy either. And what sweet irony to make the net out of what is to fill it later. I did use the idea of the hair elastic in the opening. I did learn that I should have cut the bags in narrower strips when using the kind of bags that I used, as they seem to be a bit thicker than in the example.
 I'll make it a little taller.

And now you've also seen how RED my sofa is. I'll edit the pictures if I ever use it as a backdrop again. It's almost painful to look at! :P

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All W.I.Ps!

I know, it's been about 1000 years since last time. Sorry about that. But, no matter what, I never stop crocheting, so here are some of my current Work in progress.
This is a butterfly in the thinnest thread I have. I am going to stiffen it in sugar water when it is done, I think. [Pattern here]

This is my first pineapple doily, the only thing that's left is the last round, I just grew tired of it. I do think it is really pretty, though. [Pattern here]

Here's a small doily I started just to test how the colors would look. Just lacking a few rounds here too, I must be lazy or something. [Pattern here] 

Here is my biggest wip. I've started to myself s rag-rug(Fillerye) I've been running around on fleamarkets  buying old t-shirts. Cutting them into 2.5 cm thick "threads" and the crocheting with a 15 mm hook. I had to learn to hold the hook differently from what I'm used to, because my arm really started to hurt after a while. I'm making the rug oval, and hopefully it'll not get to long one way, because I have no measurements or a pattern!

This one is actually finished. It is a doily (doh) made in mohair yarn. [Pattern here] 

I've noticed that the links lead to a page looking a bit strange, but give it some time, and the pattern(s) will appear.

Also, I have some other wips and finished projects since last, but I'll get to those later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first doily!

I'm sorry about the delay. I was going to make the next post about my pillows, but I decided to wait because of Christmas. But anyway. This post will be about my first doily. Me and my flatmate Tea realized we needed something to have on our sofa corner "table." And off course I went to Ravelry to find something easy and quick. And here is the result:

It is in fact very easy. As usual I used the Østlandgarn yarn. And I think it worked great. It would seem finer if I had used thin cotton thread, but it is expensive, and the doily would not be as big.

Fathers day is celebrated the second weekend of November in Norway, and I made a fruit basket for my father as a fathers day gift.

This time I made a different basket and it turned out a bit bigger than the one I made last time. But the fruit did not turn out any bigger so I think I need to make some more fruit to fill it up.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is the last project I finished before the summer. It is also the last crocheted food project I have finished. I don't know if I'll be making any more crocheted food, but we'll see. Chances are that Odin would like some more. Anyway. It is, as most of my other projects, made out of Østlandsgarn from Nille, since this is the cheapest available yarn. It is made after the recipe from the book Tasty Crochet.