Monday, July 1, 2019

I've moved.

To a different blog. Not apartment, sadly.

Visit me there, if you want:

Not a lot happening there right now. But, then again, not a lot happening here either.

Friday, February 2, 2018

January of Photography!

I'm done with January! Most of the photos were even taken in January. But there was not one each day, and mostly not in order. The thing with January is the lack of lighting, and if you are busy during the day, well then to bad. Also the snow. Just so much snow. Anyways, here are the photos from this months challenge!

A - Allé

B - Brygge

C - Collie

D - Drikk

E - E

F - Fredslilje

G - Gryning

H - Hus

I - Istapp

J - Jernbanetorget

K - Katt

L - Løv

M - Monument

N - Nei

O - Oslo s

P - Postkasse

Q - Q-tips

R - Røyking forbudt

S - Solnedgang

T - T-bane

U - UiO

V - Veggmaleri

W - Welcome

X - Xbox

Y - Yr

Z - Zelda

Æ - Æ

Ø - Østbanehallen

Å - Åpen kirke

Friday, January 19, 2018

The finale! // Finalen!

It is finally here, the finished product of a year of looking at the thermometer. It is quite long. Actually, it is 176 centimeters long. I have no idea what I'm going to use it for. But I'll label it with the year, and put it in a box with the scale I was using, for now. It feels weird going about my day without jotting down the color of the day, maybe I'll do it again for another year.

I know that if I do it again I will make it a little narrower, and possibly include more colors. And check if the colors I want to use are still for sale. An idea I had is maybe, if I ever get pregnant, record all the temperatures in the days of the pregnancy and crochet a baby blanket from them. But it's just a thought. I seem to love symbolic things like that.

Here are the finished result (After the summary in Norwegian):


Endelig er det her, resultatet av mitt årslange prosjekt. Det ble ganske langt. Faktisk 1,76 meter langt. Og jeg har ingen anelse om hva jeg skal bruke det til. Men foreløpig blir det en boks, sammen med årstall og skalaen jeg brukte. Det er ganske uvant nå å ikke skrive ned dagens farge hver kveld, men kanskje litt godt også.  Kanskje jeg skal gjøre det omigjen et annet år?

Om jeg skal gjøre det igjen så blir det nok smalere og kanskje med flere farger. Og så skal jeg sjekke om fargene jeg vil bruke faktisk er å få tak i, for det var litt irriterende. En ide jeg har er at, om jeg blir gravid noen gang, så kan jeg lage et babyteppe med temperaturer gjennom svangerskapet. Må i så fall begynne å skrive ned temperaturer da jeg evt. begynner å prøve. Var bare en tanke, ingen overhengende fare.

Men, her er resultatet:

Previous posts, if you want to see month to month progress:
Tidligere innlegg, om du vil se fremgangen fra måned til måned:

January: Startup post.

Friday, January 12, 2018

I knit some cloths.

The beginning of my knitting adventures started much the same way as the first time I ever played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, only that instead of screaming "Oh my god, why are you shooting at me, I didn't do anything to you!" it was more along the lines of "Oh, my god, can this thread stop splitting?!" and "How am I supposed to pull this loop through that loop? There is no hook on this stick!"

Eventually, I got some sort of hang on it and made a ... thing, complete with hairs of the Zelda and all:

My first thing to ever feature purl stitches! Armed with a new technique it was time to start something more than a thing. A cloth.

I finished my first cloth in time for my grandmothers birthday. Which was kind of nice, since she got the first thing I ever crocheted. I gave her my first ever finished knit anything and a pair of crocheted mitts. The pattern was called a "false ribbing." It might not be the correct translation, though, let me know. I've become quite learned in the English crochet terms, but knitting is really new to me, even in Norwegian. My first cloth ended up looking like this:

It is quite loose, a little weird shaped, and I lost a stitch in there somewhere, and managed to somehow save it, but only after a few rounds, making it kind of noticeable. But it is actually quite even, and I am happy with that. 

The looseness followed into my next cloth but in this one, you can actually see where my brain clicked. Suddenly I managed to keep a good tension and relatively even knit. 

Feeling I had finally cracked the code,  just had to start another one, this one with squares and knit and purl. And a hole I have no idea how got there, but hey! It looks kinda nice? 

I'm now on a detox. Knitting is taking a toll on my fingertip, and it is still not even half as enjoyable as crocheting. Besides, my mom got me a circular needle and it is driving me crazy. I'm going to get some single ones in February, and maybe some more yarn with more popping colors. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I know, I know. I've not been good at this the past months. Let us hope for an improvement this year! I have missed it.

I thought we would kick off the new year doing a recap of the resolutions from last year before I present my new ones. The post from last year can be found here.

1. Walking 10 000 steps. I don't think I succeeded in this. I did manage it probably more often than in 2016, but I could have been better.

2. Finding a morning workout routine. I never found a good routine, and really never got started at all. A total failure. Oh well.

3. Geocache more. Well. I did not find more caches than 2016 or even 2015. But I did hold my first event and I added both Åland and the UK to my list of countries cached in. I found 60 caches in Sweden! My cache number 500 is coming up, and I already know which it will be.

4. The temperature project. I did it! I know I haven't posted here, but it will come, I promise. I don't know if I can post retroactively, but we'll see. Pictures are coming, stay tuned!

5. Train more on Duolingo. You know, I actually had a 100 day + streak. And then I forgot it one day and lost motivation completely.

6. Start saving money. I made it pretty far, but the Christmas shopping disturbed the plan. I still think 12 000 Norwegian kroner is quite well done.

I will mark number 3, 4 and 6 a success. And that is 50%. Not complaining. Hopefully, next year will be even better.

New resolutions:

I. Walk 10 000 steps a day. Yes, I'm not happy with the results from last year. I also don't really know how many days I actually did meet my goal. My brother didn't like his Fitbit, and gave it to me. I now have a better way of tracking my steps and other things. To have a complete tracking of how many days I actually reach 10 000 steps I'll track it by crossing off on an actual calendar. Going for at least 50%.

II. Actually work out. I've already started a bit with an app called 8fit. I think it works because I'm almost always sore after a workout and the workouts are short and it is free. Christmas obviously disrupted it all, but It's time to get started again. The goal the app set for me, or I set myself, I can't really remember, is four times a week. Most of the workouts I've had until now have been 9 minutes. This should not be a problem.

III. Geocache even more. My goal this year is adding at least two new countries, reaching at least 600 found caches and attending more events. Maybe even FAD in Sweden and Vikingevent 2018 in Norway, both Mega Events. I'm kinda bummed for not being able to attend FAD in Uppsala. This, of course, requires me to maybe get some geocaching friends to go with.

IV. The Year of Photography. Hear me out! I just came out of a year of checking temperatures. This year I would like to do something else creative. I used to enjoy taking pictures, but the joy has sort of gotten lost for me. I'm going to give myself different challenges each month. I have not decided all the different tasks yet, but January will be Alphabet Month, and I will take the pictures with my phone. February I will use my DSLR camera, but the theme is to be decided. I also hope to be able to use actual film for one of the months. And maybe lend a library book about photography and sort of work through it. I'm just jotting the ideas down here before they leave me.

January: The Norwegian alphabet contains 29 letters and January has 31 days. I'll be starting tomorrow, on the letter A. One picture relevant for each letter, and one day "off" if I need it.

V. Continue language training. Stop caring so much about the streak.

VI. Save more money, but not at the same rate. Last year became a bit economically painful, because of my saving routine. I still want to save money, but maybe a little less? If I save 666 kroner a month I'll reach 8000 in a year. I think that's okay. And it satisfies my inner satan.

VII. Learn to knit. I got two books on knitting, yarn, and needles for Christmas. This is the year I will learn how to knit.

VII. Set up a plan for organizing and cleaning to stay more on top of things. I like crossing things off lists, but am not too happy about cleaning. Combining the two might help me. I would like to have one in place before school starts in the middle of January. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Winter is comming! // Her kommer vinter'n!

Two pop culture references in one title! Probably just accessible to the Norwegian audience, but still. November introduced us to the negative temperatures again. Starting up somewhere in the yellow. Had to take my spikes out. Wikipedia calls them Scandinavian Crampons. You don't have them out there in the English speaking world? Wow, you are missing out. Anyways, here is some progress!

To popkulturreferanser i en tittel og greier. I november kom minusgradene, etter en oppstart der ute i det gule. Broddene måtte frem og greier. Men det sier ikke så mye, ettersom jeg går med de fra ca første snøfallet... 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

October temperatures // Oktobertemperaturer

I know its late. So, so late. But I don't want to leave it unfinished, and so; here is Octobers progress!
I don't know why, but the picture is not really to good. As you can see, the month was exceptionally boring, colorwise.

Jeg vet det er sent. Sånn skikkelig skikkelig sent, men jeg har ikke lyst til å la prosjektet mitt virke uferdig. Så her er oktobers temperaturer. Helt utrolig kjedelig, som dere ser.