Friday, February 2, 2018

January of Photography!

I'm done with January! Most of the photos were even taken in January. But there was not one each day, and mostly not in order. The thing with January is the lack of lighting, and if you are busy during the day, well then to bad. Also the snow. Just so much snow. Anyways, here are the photos from this months challenge!

A - Allé

B - Brygge

C - Collie

D - Drikk

E - E

F - Fredslilje

G - Gryning

H - Hus

I - Istapp

J - Jernbanetorget

K - Katt

L - Løv

M - Monument

N - Nei

O - Oslo s

P - Postkasse

Q - Q-tips

R - Røyking forbudt

S - Solnedgang

T - T-bane

U - UiO

V - Veggmaleri

W - Welcome

X - Xbox

Y - Yr

Z - Zelda

Æ - Æ

Ø - Østbanehallen

Å - Åpen kirke

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